Steam Trap Surveys

Boiler & Industrial Plant has for many years been a leader in steam and condensate reticulation, and we are proud to add the Steam Trap Survey Division to our range of services.

What does a leaking steam trap mean for your business? Directly linked, this will mean a loss in steam, a loss in electricity, a loss in water, a waste of fuel and therefore a waste of money.

What your Steam Trap Survey will cover is the following:

  • Assessing of each and every steam trap
  • Assessing of each and every hill sight check
  • Assessing of each and every strainer
  • In-depth monitoring of each item using a stethascope and infra-red temperature gun
  • Flushing out of each strainer tested
  • Individual numbering of each item for identification and record purposes
  • A detailed report of findings for each individual test
  • A recommendation after report

The test will indicate if there is any loss of live steam passing through your steam traps and identify problem areas you may not have been previously aware of. By attending to your leaking steam traps you will notice an improvement in your fuel bill and can have peace of mind that you are running at maximum efficiency.

Stam Trap Surveys should be made a part of your preventative maintenance programme, and done on an annual basis.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you find that you may be in need of this service.