Alfa Laval Seperators


Separators with high rotation speeds undertake the continuous separation of a wide range of different solids from either one or two liquids. High-speed separators are primarily used for separating fluids.

Due to the centrifugal force in separators, the fluid/particles with the greatest density collect in the outer periphery of the separator bowl. Both fluid phases are then discharged through separate outlets.

Alfa Laval has comprehensive know-how in the design of the disc stack which is the heart of the separator and the key to good separation performance.


The Separation Process

Seperation Process

Installation is simple and no modification to your existing system is required. Connect the pipes, electricity, water, and push the start button on the separator. The entire separation process is carried out adjacent to the oil tank.

Dirty oil is pumped from the tank, cleaned in the separator, and then re-circulated into the system. This bypass principle means that oil-cleaning is continuous while production is in progress.

Another strong feature is that the same separator can be used for different types of oils. After cleaning a tank, the separator can easily be rolled away to service a different production unit within the premises.

Alfa Laval separators are designed with the operator in mind, with a small selection of control buttons, and an operator-friendly design layout.

Each separator module has two “sides.” The start-up and control devices are on the “operation side,” and the “service side” provides easy access to the separator, tanks, and pumps.