Riello Burners

Riello Burners

Boiler and Industrial Plant Pty. Ltd. is a distributor of the Riello Group and Technoclima range of products.

Combinations of Riello burners on related products provide customers with the various applications of heating air, liquid and for the generation of steam all at a low cost, as the system runs on multi-fuel whether it is diesel, paraffin or heavy oil.

At Boiler & Industrial Plant we offer services on all of our products and carry a vast range of spares. Service is available 24 hours on a call out basis or for regular maintenance, and the Company can offer it’s clients a discounted prepaid service agreement. Also available are Bacharach CO2 and Smoke Number Test kits that are used to test combustion efficiency. Enquire with our stores’ department for further information


Burners & Burner Spares


  • Hot Water Requirements
  • Steam
  • Chicken House Heating
  • Tank and Swimming Pool Heating
  • Tobacco Drying
  • Space Heating
  • Bakery Ovens
  • Curing Ovens
  • Sterilization
  • Pasteurization
  • Greenhouse Heating
  • Domestic Heating

The RL Series

RL70 BurnersThe RL series of burners covers a firing range from 154 to 2700 kW, and it has been designed for use in low or medium temperature hot water boilers, hot air or steam boilers, diathermic oil boilers.

The RS1 Series

RS1 Series Riello BurnersThe RS1 Series of burners covers a firing range from 163 to 465 kW, and they have been designed for use in hot or superheater water boilers, hot air or steam generator and,diathermic oil boilers.
Operation is “one stage”; the burners are fitted with a microprocessor which which supplies indication of operation and diagnosis of fault cause

Gulliver Series

Gulliver Range Riello BurnersThe Riello Gulliver is a series of single and multistage gas burners, characterized for its small dimensions in spite of its high combustion performance. It has been developed to respond to any request for home heating, conforming to current regulations in force.

P Series

P Series Riello BurnersThe P140-200-300-450 T/N Series burners are three stage HEAVY oil burners and are available in four model structures with an output range from 320 to 5.130 kW.
The versatility of this range makes this burner ideal for use on commercial or industrial installations where the load factor varies but is predictable.