Boiler & Industrial Plant Launches Customised Sanitising Tunnels

As one of the leaders in the boiler & engineering industry in South Africa, Boiler & Industrial Plant is always looking for new ways to elevate our offerings and provide specialised services for the varied business landscape and its ever-changing climate.

This is why we are proud to reveal our latest offering, in light of the current Covid-19 pandemic – customised sanitising tunnels, which can be constructed and installed to suit an array of businesses.

These tunnels are perfect to help protect yourself, your staff, and clients from the spread of Covid-19, with varied options in three standard sizes, or a custom build option for your specific requirements.

The sanitising tunnel will be installed on site with the required fittings, electrical panel, hoses, a 220-volt pump, certified chemicals and user instructions. Each unit will be fitted with brass anti-drip misting nozzles, as well as all the necessary piping and motion sensors that activates the mist nozzles once it senses movement within tunnel.

The system is designed to withstand various types of weather conditions, and the tunnel itself is manufactured out of stainless steel, to prevent any rusting or corrosion.

The sanitising tunnel is activated automatically with the use of motion sensors, to prevent unnecessary wastage of chemicals.

Below are 3D models of the tunnels to show the spray coverage.

We also offer the option of upgrading the unit by installing a raised floor with a wet catchment chamber. This catchment chemical either can be recirculated/re-used or piped to a drain. This system will also create a drier/cleaner area immediate to the unit.

If you would like to get in touch with us to find out more about our sanitising tunnels, contact our General Manager, Andries Verster, on 082 824 7281.

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