Oil Cooling

Oil CoolerExtremely Efficient Compact Oil Cooling

Alfa Laval BHEs offer unparalleled efficiency for hydraulic oil cooling. These compact units are a third the size and weight and use a third less water than comparable shell-and-tube heat exchangers.

Efficient Design

Thin plate material and the induction of highly turbulent liquid flow contribute to performance excellence.

Compact Yet Powerful

Rugged design. This powerful, compact high-efficiency cooler provides reliable operations under continuous high pressure and high-temperature conditions.

Outstanding Cooling Efficiency

The low-pressure drop over the oil inlet and outlet enables the pressure drop to be utilized over the heat-exchange surface. This ensures maximum cooling efficiency.

Easy to Install

Specially designed stainless steel mounting blocks enable high tightening torque and a good spanner grip to ensure fast, secure installation. Use the integrated support bracket for fast and easy mounting.

Inherent Mechanical Strength

Sturdy construction withstands even the toughest operating conditions. Installation is so secure that the connections never break. The more turbulence created in both the hydraulic oil and the cooling water, the more efficient the cooling action.