Fire Tube Boilers

Boiler and Industrial Plant specialize in the design, manufacture, and installation of Industrial Hot water systems. The application is primarily for use in Hotels, Hospitals and high volume hot water usage process plants. We Supply a wide variety of different makes and types of hot water boilers.

These boilers are suitable for use with electrical, gas or oil as required and have an efficiency rating of up to 90%  while running.
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At Boiler & Industrial Plant, boiler sales are one of our core functions. We can assist you from the early stages of your planning process and use our decades of expertise to help grow your business from the ground up. If you already have a boiler but need to upgrade, we can advise and source the best boiler for your business at competitive prices. We sell both new and refurbished boilers, along with full boiler plants and installation if required.

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Other major features incorporated into the design include strong, fabricated steel construction, foolproof fuel system, and firing controls. Our boilers operate efficiently on gas, light oil, heavy oil or coal.

A comprehensive quality assurance programme that incorporates international standards is strictly adhered to during the manufacturing process. Welds are x-rayed, the entire vessel is stress relieved and the boiler is hydraulically tested before a test certificate is issued by an approved independent inspection authority. This process is carried out for each and every boiler built.

Boiler and Industrial Plant also offers THERMOLUBE, a fuel additive, which is used in conjunction with certain fuels to achieve better combustion and improved lubrication and the lifespan of your pump.