Boiler & Industrial Plant Launches Customised Sanitising Tunnels

As one of the leaders in the boiler & engineering industry in South Africa, Boiler & Industrial Plant is always looking for new ways to elevate our offerings and provide specialised services for the varied business landscape and its ever-changing climate.

This is why we are proud to reveal our latest offering, in light of the current Covid-19 pandemic – customised sanitising tunnels, which can be constructed and installed to suit an array of businesses.

These tunnels are perfect to help protect yourself, your staff, and clients from the spread of Covid-19, with varied options in three standard sizes, or a custom build option for your specific requirements.

The sanitising tunnel will be installed on site with the required fittings, electrical panel, hoses, a 220-volt pump, certified chemicals and user instructions. Each unit will be fitted with brass anti-drip misting nozzles, as well as all the necessary piping and motion sensors that activates the mist nozzles once it senses movement within tunnel.

The system is designed to withstand various types of weather conditions, and the tunnel itself is manufactured out of stainless steel, to prevent any rusting or corrosion.

The sanitising tunnel is activated automatically with the use of motion sensors, to prevent unnecessary wastage of chemicals.

Below are 3D models of the tunnels to show the spray coverage.

We also offer the option of upgrading the unit by installing a raised floor with a wet catchment chamber. This catchment chemical either can be recirculated/re-used or piped to a drain. This system will also create a drier/cleaner area immediate to the unit.

If you would like to get in touch with us to find out more about our sanitising tunnels, contact our General Manager, Andries Verster, on 082 824 7281.

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Exciting Work Completed for A New Client

Here at Boiler & Industrial Plant, we love a new challenge!

Which is why when we discovered a new client that needed urgent assistance, our Team put their best foot forward to get the task completed.

The customer had a boiler in place that was failing badly and was not in a great condition. We approached them with an alternative and were able to come up with a solution to keep their production running.

We offered the client a contract where they would hire a boiler from us, with the HFO fuel also being supplied by our team.

And we’re happy to say that this project has been running for 3 months now and with very few issues on tying into to their existing system etc.

The team has been able keep the factory running and production is as it should be.

We are hoping to maintain this relationship with the customer and grow with their operation, offering them the service they deserve and the professional service backup we are renowned for.

If you also find yourself in a position where you need to re-look and evaluate boilers and steam reticulations systems you have in place, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Boiler & Industrial Plant Completes Another Urgent Project In Record Time!

One of our new clients approached us to assist with an urgent project that required a 7 day turn around time.

With a tight deadline, we were tasked with removing an existing 5 ton boiler and modify a 5 ton coal fired boiler to suit the current application (dutch oven).

Next steps were to strip and rig out the existing boiler, and prepare the new boiler for installation.

The team had to modify skids on the new boiler to suit the transfer tube from the dutch oven, as well as modify and fabricate a new steam line, feed the water line, as well as new ducting from the boiler to the grit collector.

We also had to modify blow down lines, new vent lines, replace all studs on boiler and fit all valves and platforms.

The team then brought the boiler up to pressure and performed the pressure test for the third party AIA inspector to witness.

We then connected the existing electrical panel to the new boiler, ran the boiler up to steam, pressure tested all the safety controls on the boiler, floated the safety valves, and the boiler was then ready to be handed over to the customer.

If you are in need of any boiler repairs, maintenance or even replacement of a boiler, contact our Team.

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Boiler & Industrial Plant Steps Up Essential Services Offering During Lockdown

Boiler & Industrial Plant is an essential service provider during the lock down as we are providing critical emergency services to various hospitals and food manufacturers.

A few days prior to the shut down commencing, one of our valued customers, Sustainable Heating, who provide steam to the Sasko bread factory in Shakaskraal, damaged the belly of their biomas furnace fired boiler. It required emergency repairs, failing which the bread factory would be compromised during this period.

The repair job was awarded to Boiler & Industrial Plant. The boiler was delivered to our workshop and in record time of 6 days, the boiler repair was completed and ready for collection from our workshop.

Thereafter, delivery, installation and commissioning was completed within another 3 days during the lock down period, while lagging and cladding of the boiler is currently being carried out on a hot boiler that’s in operation.

This scope of work has been challenging for our lagging staff, however, as with all our jobs, Boiler & Industrial Plant cater to the customer’s requirements and tackle the associated challenges, ensuring that the job is completed to the customer’s satisfaction.

This particular job was a major structural repair, where we had to fabricate and install a new belly plate covering half the length of the boiler.

Our ISO 3834 certification was implemented for control of all certified boiler materials, and welding procedures involved in this very technical repair.

Hats off to the Team involved on a job well done.

If you have a similar emergency and require urgent assistance, you can contact us 24 hours, 7 days a week, and we’ll be sure to attend to your call.

Get in touch with the Team to find out more about our services, by calling 031 569 1617 or email with the reference WEB QUERY.

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