New Arrivals at Boiler & Industrial Plant

It’s been a busy and exciting week at Boiler & Industrial Plant.  

Here’s what happened at our workshop over the last few days…

We received our 14ton High Pressure Coal Fired boiler back from hire.

Next steps for this Coal Fired boiler will be to commence testing and maintenance on the vessel, in readiness for its next job.

14ton High Pressure Coal Fired Boiler
14ton High Pressure Coal Fired Boiler

The team also received our 2ton Light Fuel or HFO boiler.

This particular boiler can be powered by either paraffin, diesel or HFO.

Our skilled team will now work on preparing the 2ton boiler for an emergency hire job that Boiler & Industrial Plant is successfully assisting a dairy out of trouble.

 2ton Light Fuel HFO boiler
2ton Light Fuel HFO boiler

Are you in the market for a boiler? 

Boiler & Industrial Plant have a number of boilers ready to be fired up for you. 

For all your boiler purchases, maintenance and other boiler needs, don’t hesitate to call us on 031 569 1617 or email,

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